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Cjv13a06a1 stepping dc slowdown micro motor speed controller drives the motor - недорого из Китая

Brand N/A Model 008 0029 Quantity 1 Color Green Material Glass fiber Specification Working voltage: DC 12V~36V; Control current: 10A; Control power: Voltage x Current = Power (12V when the power is 12 x 10 = 120W .......... 36V maximum power of 200W); Size: 60mm × 40mm 5; Frequency: 25KHz Features Motor speed controller speed control switch Application Motor speed controller speed control switch English Manual/Spec Yes Other Note: Please correct the picture of the wiring diagram by wiring the polarity of the input voltage can not be reversed (the governor small Power greater such as prolonged use of electrical motor load current should not exceed 5A over the radiator temperature Will be high should be compulsory for cooling no forced cooling short running current.) Packing List 1 x DC motor speed controller (30cm-cable)

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